2019 Grading and Black Belts

On the 15 December, Dartmouth Karate Club held its last grading of 2019. As always it was taken by Sensie Andy Sherry 9th Dan, Chief instructor to the Karate Union of Great Britain.

The students who graded, managed to put in an amazing amount of focus and effort to succeed, all passing with good responses from Sensie Sherry on their efforts. A special mention to Wyatt Maclennan-Mathews, who on his first grading, impressed Sensie so much that he double graded and jumped to red belt (8th Kyu), not something that happens very often!.

2019 was a great year for Dartmouth Karate Club. Marking 45 years of continuous training, the club had gained two big black belt grades. The first was back in April when Chris Mytton passed his 3rd Dan in Chesterfield under the very experienced eyes of Sensies Andy Sherry 9th Dan, Bob Poynton 8th Dan and Frank Brennan 8th Dan. Then in October in Bath,Kain Harper passed 4th Dan under the same instructors. Both gradings were testament to the spirit of the club, and both of the instructors are keen to pass on the knowledge and experience they have gained from being members of the largest single style karate organisation in Britain the Karate Union of Great Britain.

Congratulations to Wyat Maclennan-Mathews 8th kyu, Luca Czerwinski 7th kyu, Jude Marsh 6th kyu, Tom Eggleton 4th kyu and Manaar Biswas 3rd kyu.

If anyone is interested in Karate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either Pete Atkins 01803 833794 or Kain Harper 07816897251. Or via the clubs website or Facebook page.