Dartmouth Karate Club raises funds for Ellen Kinsella

On Wednesday 14th August, the students of Dartmouth Karate Club held a Kumite Session to raise money for a fellow karateka whose Daughter suffers from an Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumour (A tumor of the central nervous system often in the brain or the spinal column)

Unfortunately the notice was quite short to set up the fund raising session as we would have liked, but the students and instructors together raised over £1000 to go towards the support of Ellen and her parents in this unfortunate circumstance.

The Dartmouth Karate Club will be presenting the funds raised to Mark & Denise very shortly as soon as the final tally and result has been confirmed.

We wish to thank all those who sponsored us and anyone who may have missed out the opportunity, you can donate by visiting the their Fundraising page here :: Fundraising for Ellen Kinsella

A few pictures of the event can be seen here: