Message from the Dartmouth Karate Club

We wish to point out that it’s come to our attention that the residents of Dartmouth have been approached by multiple members of another club offering to teach Karate. Whilst we don’t condone this nor are we aiming to stop or resist this, we do feel strongly about their use of words and methods and feel it necessary to highlight this to the people of Dartmouth and the surrounding areas.

  • They are NOT the ‘Dartmouth Karate Club’, we are, and we have been established for over 40 years
  • We are a NON PROFIT club teaching KUGB Karate to people who are interested in learning a martial art
  • We do not Cold Call
  • We do not Knock on Doors
  • We do not walk the streets in groups
  • We do not pressure sell

If you wish to be part of this organisation, then that is fine, we welcome people to have an interest in Karate, but not at the expense of our club.

Our club offers a free trial to anyone who believes this may be of interest to them, with no joining fees or membership fees, we are based in the Dartmouth Leisure Center and all visitors are welcome.

Thank You