Dartmouth Karate Club members achieve another successful grading with Sensei Sherry in Brixham

The students and supporters of Dartmouth Karate Club attended their quarterly grading event held in Brixham over the weekend graded by (9th Dan) Sensei Sherry from the KUGB.

Congratulations to our 2 newest members, Mike & Jim Davis who achieved their 9th Kyu (Orange Belt) Dan Sinnott, Trevor, Jessica & Lucy Branton who achieved their 6th Kyu (Green Belt), Ian Parker who achieved his 5th Kyu (Purple Belt) Mike Jackson & Jessica Brock who achieved their additional white stripes on their Brown belt (2nd Kyu) and to Adam Denley who has now achieved his 1st Kyu (Brown Belt)

The Club is very proud of all the students who achieved their target grading at the event.

Latest Grading Success from Dartmouth Karate Club