Dedication & Devotion leads to Success!

Obtaining your black belt in Karate is a fantastic accolade & a great feeling of success. But what happens then? Unknown to many, but there are further levels of Black belt grading that confirms your level of continued training, dedication and successes within Karate. These grading’s have a range of 1st Dan upwards.

Recently one of our instructors, Kain Harper, attended a training and grading event held at the University of Bath Sports Centre. He and 150 others arrived on the 26th September for a training event with Sensei’s Sherry, Pointon & Brennan. After 2 hours of training and coaching, from these specialist KUGB Karate instructors a few proceeded on for their Dan Grading’s which ranged from 2nd to 5th Dan.

Our club wishes to congratulate Kain on his success at this event for achieving his 3rd Dan Black Belt, a great reward for hours of dedication, training and devotion to the sport and the club.