Devon Karate Championships

IT’S ON! 2013 Devon Karate Championships, 18th May. There are categories to suit everyone so look forward to everyone’s entries! GO GET THOSE TROPHIES! Registration forms and more information from your club instructors. It’s going to be a really exciting day!

List of Categories

  • C1 Individual Kata 0-4th Kyu under 16 years of age
  • C2 Individual Kata Brown and Black belt under 16 years
  • C3 Team Kata All grades (3 per team) under 16 years
  • C4 Ippon Kumite Under 10 years, all grades, mixed
  • C5 Ippon Kumite 10-11 Years, under 5’3’’, all grades, mixed
  • C6 Boys Kumite 12-15 years, under 5’3’’
  • C7 Boys Kumite 12-15 years, 5’3’’ and over
  • C8 Girls Kumite All grades all heights 12-15 years
  • C9 Mixed Kata 0 – 4th Kyu, 16 years and over (Adult)
  • C10 Mixed Kata Brown and Black Belts
  • C11 Team Kata 16 years and over
  • C12 Kumite male 16 – 19 years
  • C13 Kumite 0 – 4th Kyu
  • C14 Kumite Brown and Black Belts
  • C15 Kumite All ladies


COST £4 PER EVENT (Team or individual) – Spectators-FREE (Donations gratefully received)

Register in time for your instructor to submit entries by MONDAY 12th MAY 2013 & Please ask your instructor about conditions of entry.

Download the Application Form Here